Apparently I make a good vagina model


A couple of weeks ago I had my debut as a model.  A vagina model.  Please don’t be disturbed,  it was a legit gig!  I landed a job as a gynecology model for a graduate level physical examination course taken by nurse practitioner students.  My role was to act as a “mock” patient for the students to practice their pelvic exams.  You know, the type of medical exam where a female patient spreads her legs, puts her feet into the fold out stirrups of an exam table, and has her lady bits assessed for problems by a medical professional.  In the real world, it’s common to undergo this type of examination for needs such as a pap smear, testing for vaginal infections, and assessing for other vaginal, uterine, or ovarian conditions.

With two kids in daycare, and the growing expenses of life as a family of four, becoming a gynecology model seemed a creative way to bring in additional income.  … Read more

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