On loving the earth

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“Holy mac!”

The day my son was introduced to real mountains, the Rockies of Colorado, he was awestruck.  “Holy mac!” he exclaimed.  Short for mackerel, apparently.  We were driving up I70, deep into the rocky terrain, with peaks all around us.  “Wow!  It’s beautiful, right Mom?  Let’s hike to the top of the mounts’!”  He was into abbreviating his words this vacation.  It was beautiful, so beautiful.  We did end up taking him hiking on that trip, but turns out, despite the enthusiasm, his little three year old legs weren’t quite up to the task of summiting.  Maybe when he gets older.

No one teaches us to love the earth.  It’s in us.  Babies giggle at playing in the dirt, attempt to climb trees the moment their limbs are long enough to reach the first branch, and display wonderment at rippling water long before they can form proper words.  Given this innate drive within us to seek nature, it’s not surprising that there are a wild array of health benefits to spending time in the great outdoors.… Read more

Neurodevelopment, my three year old, and the day he hit me

The fruit snack that started it all.
The fruit snack that started it all.

Today my three year old hit me. Out of rage.  I didn’t allow him to have a pack of Annie’s fruit snack bunnies after dinner and he completely lost it.  Not only do we have a “fruit only” after dinner rule (fruit snacks don’t count as fruit, even he knows that) he also snuck into the pantry and retrieved the snack himself.  He’s supposed to ask first.  I offered to put the fruit snack in his lunch the next day and he looked at me like I had lost my damn mind and screamed, “No!!!! I want it NOW!!!!”  I then plucked the pack out of his hand to return it to its box and that’s when I got walloped.  It’s the first time he’s ever hit me (intentionally and out of contempt) and it stopped me in my tracks.  I’ve never hit him. … Read more

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