CHIP, a divided congress, and why millions of children may soon be without health insurance


CHIP, the Children’s Health Insurance Plan, is a federal health insurance program available to kids under 19 years of age, not eligible for Medicaid, and who come from families with low to medium income.  Historically it’s been a fantastic, bipartisan program that increases access to quality health insurance for kids.  More recently, the program has become a partisan pawn with controversy, primarily, over funding.

CHIP has served millions of children, nationwide, since its development in 1997.  Overall, CHIP has been an incredible success.  Most notably, the program has led to a national reduction of racial/ethnic disparities in healthcare access – and not just access to primary care.  CHIP is comprehensive.  Coverage includes regular check-ups, immunizations, emergency health services, hospitalizations, dental care, vision services, and more.  Dependant on one’s particular state, all services provided under CHIP are either free, or substantially subsidized with the plan.

The federal reauthorization deadline for CHIP expired in September. … Read more

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