Order in the cords!

Neat and Tidy Order in the Cords Kids Health with Sarah

For the last three years the zone behind our TV bothered me.  I’m not a huge TV person to begin with, but I do appreciate the occasional Netflix.  Our TV has way too many consoles attached to it – XBox, DVD/VCR, our router, and several other components I don’t even recognize being a non-techie.  The cords connecting it all had been a terrifying mess of tangles and a huge safety concern with our now toddling 11 month old.  I wish I had thought of taking a “before” picture!

I try to stay out of the Container Store given how pricey their organizational gear can be but I had an afternoon away from the kids and found myself meandering in.  While walking the aisles I encountered the Cablebox.  It’s packaging proclaimed the box could bring order to cords coming into a powerstrip and it sounded awesome.  Despite the Cablebox being a bit pricey ($29) and an impulse buy, the box came home with me.… Read more

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