The Moldy Truth About Bath Toys


I’ve heard warnings about bath toys being vectors for mold.  There have been stories from friends, social media posts, and plenty of viral articles circulating.  I figured, sure, tub toys can get grubby, but not in my house.

Each month I soak our kid’s bathtub, and the toys, in a bleach solution.  It’s part of my cleaning routine.   I also collect the toys after my kid’s bath, dump or squeeze out standing water, and let them drip dry in a KidCo bath toy organizer.  Given this, and that I’ve never seen visible mold on the surface of anything, I figured we were good.  Until recently.

Over the weekend I noticed little black flecks squirting out of a favorite tub toy.  With the help of a pair of scissors, I soon isolated the source.

Squirt toys. Pretty innocent looking, right?
Squirt toys. Pretty innocent looking, right?
Eww. Mold.

Yep. Mildew and mold. Full of it.  Completely disgusting.  … Read more

For anyone who has ever wiped out on a wood staircase

Nearly invisible and SO much more safe!

I have a wood staircase in my home that leads to a loft.  The loft is awesome!  It currently serves as the kids’ play-space which means we’re up and down the steps multiple times per day.  The dilemma? The stairs are slippery!  The number of times I’ve wiped out, coffee cup in hand, nearly breaking a limb, is embarrassing.  A neurosurgeon once said to me that the most dangerous area of a home is the staircase.  Why? Because it’s so easy to sustain a head or neck injury when you fall.  This makes me especially nervous for my 3.5 year old son who often forgets to hold the railing.

For years I thought about putting some sort of traction tape or carpeting on the stairs.  Not that it would completely eliminate the danger, but it would certainly minimize the risk.  Frustratingly, I was never able found a product that was visually appealing.… Read more

Order in the cords!

Neat and Tidy Order in the Cords Kids Health with Sarah

For the last three years the zone behind our TV bothered me.  I’m not a huge TV person to begin with, but I do appreciate the occasional Netflix.  Our TV has way too many consoles attached to it – XBox, DVD/VCR, our router, and several other components I don’t even recognize being a non-techie.  The cords connecting it all had been a terrifying mess of tangles and a huge safety concern with our now toddling 11 month old.  I wish I had thought of taking a “before” picture!

I try to stay out of the Container Store given how pricey their organizational gear can be but I had an afternoon away from the kids and found myself meandering in.  While walking the aisles I encountered the Cablebox.  It’s packaging proclaimed the box could bring order to cords coming into a powerstrip and it sounded awesome.  Despite the Cablebox being a bit pricey ($29) and an impulse buy, the box came home with me.… Read more

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