Welcome back to school! Welcome back to meanness.

teen phone sad

We’re all familiar with bullying in schools.  Who hasn’t encountered a playground bully or adjusted their route to avoid a cluster of mean girls in the school hallway?

But what of kids today?

Unfortunately, physically avoiding a school bully is only half the equation.  Cyberbullying, or bullying by electronic means, has emerged as a major threat for post millennials.

Cyberbullying comes in a variety of forms and is not always easy to track.  Online, perpetrators can be anonymous which often leads to more vicious and persistent bullying than what occurs in-person.  Also, for the victim, there is no down time from abuse and no respite from the mockery.

In some cases, relentless bullying leads to feelings of hopelessness, isolation, instability and depression.  Cyberbullying also leads to thoughts of suicide more often than traditional bullying.  In fact, victims of cyberbullying are two times more likely to attempt suicide than those who are not cyberbullied.… Read more

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