Lead poisoning: What you need to know

Image by Steve Johnson of,  www.theminimalistphotographer.com

Image by Steve Johnson of, www.theminimalistphotographer.com

This week my news feed is flooded with articles about Flint, Michigan.  Recent media exposure of the town’s lead crisis has brought to light several disturbing stories of lead poisoned children and families desperately searching for answers and solutions.  It is frightening to think that town officials of Flint may have knowingly put local children at risk by allowing distribution of lead contaminated water.

Certainly the story of Flint is the exception and most of us have safe water sources, right?  How can we know for sure?

When I was pregnant the first time around my husband and I lived in a two family home, built in the early 1900’s.  The home had gone through many owners and plenty of renovations; it was anyone’s guess how many layers of paint were on the walls.  When we first moved in I hadn’t considered the possibility of lead, but with a new baby on the way it surely entered my mind.… Read more

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