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The Family Table Kids' Health with Sarah
The best dippy eggs I have EVER eaten
The best dippy eggs I have EVER eaten

Over the weekend I bought a table.  It’s secondhand off Craigslist – simple, mid-century, with clean lines, six accompanying chairs, and an amazing back story.  The original owners first purchased the dining set as newlyweds nearly 60 years ago.  Over the years their table served as hub to countless meals and dinnertime conversations as the couple experienced life and raised their babies into adulthood.

I met the couple’s daughter and learned that her parents had recently transitioned into assisted living.  With this came the selling of their home and, ultimately, the posting of their table to Craigslist.  The daughter assured me that her mother would be delighted to know that her table would continue as a gathering place for family.  Another generation of silly kids to dangle their legs off the chairs, a backdrop to photos of extensive holiday gatherings, a space for our family to laugh over competitive board games and to cry over complicated homework assignments as the kids grow older.… Read more

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